Melissa Satta Bikini Hotness Pictures


Here is Melissa Satta strolling along the sandy shoreline on Miami Beach on Wednesday afternoon showing off her fabulous body. The Italian model is seen in the skimpiest black, thong bikini I have seen all year. She look good enough to sexually abuse if she let me do so, hmmm I am almost certain she has a price. Melissa is also a showgirl on the Italian TV show Striascia la notzia (Strip The News), but like everybody in the world, she is in Miami wearing a bikini. Which is good for me because skinny brunettes with ample perky tits is kinda my thing. Too bad that ugly idiocy (tattoo) on her shoulder is distracting me from her tight little ass. The modeling career thing must be over because she seem to be racking up the tats.

Anyway, clad in an itsy-bitsy tiny black bikini, the Italian hottie was joined by a female friend for the southern Florida outing. The duo turning heads everywhere they went thanks largely to Melissa's lack of coverage. And speaking of lack of coverage, be sure to check the Melissa Satta (upskirt) video tribute at the bottom of this post I found on Youtube if you are a fan of Italian TV or looking up skirts. Which is one and the same judging from what I have seen thus far. BTW, Happy New Year! Click on pictures to enlarge.

Here is a clip from the TV show Striascia la notzia featuring Melissa and another chick in action with a series of upskirts disguised as dancing:

Don’t you just love Italian television?! Italian TV is just one big upskirt event... LOL.




Sienna Rose Miller (born February 2, 1986 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States) is an American-born Italianmodel and showgirl on Striascia la notzia, known in English as “Strip the News.” Some American audiences may have caught a glimpse of her on MTVs Total Request Live on Tour. She's also the girlfriend of soccer star Christian Vieri.

Satta spent her childhood between Sardinia and United States. At 16 she began modeling in Sardinia, winning some local beauty contests. She was born in Boston to an Italian family. Enzo Satta, Melissa's father was an architect and her parents were in America at the time for business purposes. Melissa had to spend most of her childhood on planes. Even with all the traveling, young Melissa loved sport-related activities especially football, karate and dancing. Karate garnered her a bit of fame as a child as she finished third in the Italian championships.

The Dental Assistant - Oral Rinse - An Adult Story

I just got my new insurance card in the mail. I called my dentist who I had gone to for years. She did not take my new insurance card. She recommended a guy across town. He had just open a new office. I would be one of his very first patients. I called him and made a appointment for a cleaning. I got the last appointment for the day. His office was going to stay open until 6:30pm for me. I had to work late.

I slept good the night before. I was a little nervous about going to the dentist. But I took a long shower. Shave some body hairs. I put on some tight white boxer briefs. Some tan pants. A light blue button down shirt. It fit snug on my almost 6ft 4 inch athletic frame. I was going to work out when I got home after my teeth cleaning. I picked up my phone and headed to work.

It was close to 5pm when I had to take a conference call. I hurried through the call to get out by 6pm. I was immediately stuck in traffic. I picked up my cell to give the dentist a call. "Hi! This is Buck Kelly. I have an appointment at 6:30. I might be running late. I am stuck in traffic." I said. I could tell he was trying to get me off the phone. But he said he would still wait for me to get there.

I pulled into the big empty parking lot. There were two cars in the whole parking lot. I ran toward the front door of the dental office. I pulled on the glass door. It was locked. I looked in through the window. I could see someone behind the front desk. A very cute girl turned and smiled. She put down her phone and walked toward the glass door in front of me.

My mouth dropped open. She had long dark brunette hair. It was curled at the ends. It just touched her shoulders. She was about 5ft 4. She was wearing a big white medical coat, that was pulled tight over her voluptuous body. My cock began to twitch inside my pants. I smiled as she opened the door with her long red fingernails. "Ah! Mr. Kelly just in time. The doctor will see you now. Follow me." she said in a sexy voice. My heart skipped a beat as I followed behind her. She was wearing a black skirt that rode down 3/4 of the way on her bodacious thighs. She was wearing some tight black fish net stocking that encased her sexy legs. I saw she had on some black 2 inch open toe heels. I could see her toenails matched her finger nails.

She turned to smile, when we got to the doctor office. She had a great smile. Her sexy white teeth gleamed as she smiled. I was at a lost for words. I hope she did not ask me anything. I don't think I could talk. I moved my lustful gaze down to her neck. She had a big black leather choker around her neck. One diamond pendant in the middle. She had on a big white button down blouse. She had unbutton, the top three buttons. She leaned forward showing off her large cleavage. She opened the door and pointed to the big black leather dental chair.

I sat down. "Dr. Roth will be right in. I'm glad you made it. I look forward to meeting your dental needs. Thank you once again. Mr. Kelly." she said. "Buck! Call me Buck. Mr. Kelly sounds to formal." I said. I looked on her left pocket. She had a pen in the pocket. She moved and the pen fell out onto the floor. I saw her small name tag. "Mistie" "Here let me get that Mistie." I said. "I got it Buck. Thank you. I just started last week and your the first not to laugh at me for dropping things. Let me get it." said Mistie. I froze in the chair. She bent her body down to pick up the pen. Her small hands moved just over the top of the pen. She finally squatted all the way down. I got a great view of her large cleavage. I thought, I might need to come here more often.

I watched as Mistie took out some pills from a drawer behind me. She put them in a small plastic cup. She then handed them to me. She gave me a small plastic cup with water in it. One pill was blue, the other pink. I took both without asking what they were. A second later the dentist came in. He was a small guy. About 5ft. He was super skinny and laughed at every thing we said. I shook my head. "Open! Ahhhhh!" he said. I opened my mouth wide. Mistie was walking around behind me. She kept looking down. "OK! Everything looks very good Mr. Kelly. No cavities. Looking real good. Now will give them a quick cleaning. You can be on your way. "Doctor I hear your phone. I will be right back." said Mistie

She left the room as we made small talk. About 5 minutes later Mistie came back. "It was your wife. She is running let. She needs you to go pick up the kids before 7pm." she said. He looked at his watch. "I better go now. Mr. Kelly do you mind if my new dental assistant Mistie does your cleaning. She is very good." he said. "Sounds good. No problem. I can see you left me in good hands." I said. Mistie smiled. "Thanks! I will see you tomorrow Mistie. Do a good job. Take your time. I'll lock the door. Go through the side door, when you leave. Thanks Mr. Kelly. See you next time." he said.

I heard the front door lock and his car drive out the lot. Mistie was still smiling as she got out a small metal chair on wheels. She then moved around me in the dental chair. My eyes followed her. She was on my right side. The spit sink was on the left. She put a small blue bib around my neck. She then leaned in to take a look at my teeth. I smiled as she leaned against my right arm. I could feel her soft skin on mine. Her amazing body was so close to mine. My cock started to get hard. I looked down when her head turned. I had a small tent forming on the front of my pants.

She was getting her tooth brush and spray ready as my eyes started to close. I was starting to get sleepy. I felt my fingers move on the metal arm rails. I tried to say something but my eyes were getting heavy. I saw Mistie mouth move. "Mr Kelly! Buck! Are you OK?" she said. My mouth fell open. Mistie put her hand on arm. Then she touched my shirt. The last thing I remembered was her smile as my eyes closed.

I was not sure how long I was out. I felt the cold air on my body. I felt two pairs of hands on my bare chest. I could feel something very hot, wet and tight on my cock. I slightly opened my eyes. I peeked forward to see some very large breast on my chest. Her big nipples were piercing my skin as she rode my cock. I moaned as I felt my cock getting hotter. She moved her hands around my neck. She rested her body on mine. I looked again to see it was Mistie who was riding my cock in the dental chair. She was screaming, moaning and her eyes got big as she saw mine open.

I tried to say something but my voice was muffled. I looked down to see a big red ball that was gagged in my mouth. My teeth were moving on the red ball. I then tried to move my hands. They were behind me. Someone had put mint dental floss around them. My hands were tight from the dental floss on the back of the dental chair. Mistie smiled as she saw me awake. How long had she been fucking my cock. I wanted to much to scream from pleasure. Her whole body felt great on mine. Her pussy was milking my cock as she road my cock harder. I turned my head to see a bottle of pills on the counter near my medical chart. "Viaga.. - Oh god no wonder I was so rock hard. The pink bottle next to it read sleeping pills....Quick acting. I remember she gave them to me before the doctor left.

Was I her first sex patient? Had she done this before? Would it ever stop? I turned back to see Mistie face move. She was now kissing the top of my forehead. She grunted in my left ear. She then pulled her amazing breast into my face. She was feeding me her big erect nipples. I licked them as she continued to fuck me in the chair. I could feel my cock was half inside her tight pussy. She was moaning as she orgasm for what I assume was the first time. Later I found out it was the fourth time. She began to slow down and grip the back of my neck as she caught her breath.

Next Mistie got off my cock. I looked down to see my cock was coated in her wetness. She walked over to the counter to get some more dental floss. She moved my legs apart and tied up my ankles on the chair. She wrapped the mint dental floss very tight around my ankles. She then pulled on my thighs, to move me down in the chair. She looked at me erect cock. He had not gone down since she got off my cock. "God!! Your cock is amazing. Your still rock hard after an hour in my pussy. I'm going to take your gag out now Buck! You may not moan or say anything. You can't yell unless I tell you. I hope you can lick a good pussy and eat my ass when I tell you. Now lean back." she demanded. She pushed the bar on the side of the dental chair. I was on my back looking into the ceiling.

A second later, I saw her left heel go over my face. She had changed into some big black 4 inch stiletto heels. They had big black/gold metal tips on the end of the heel. There also was some black restraints around her ankles. She waited for me to exhale as she then dropped all her weight on my body. I felt her wet pussy first, followed by her large breast. She eased her wet pussy onto my face. She then sat up grinding her pussy on my mouth. She put her hands on my chest as she smashed her ass on my face. I was licking her pussy was fast as I could. "I think I found something else that your very good at Buck. You know your way around a pussy. God your tongue is so deep. I never been licked that deep before. YES!!! FUCK!!! YES!!" she screamed.

She put all her weight on my chest as she orgasm in my mouth. I kept licking her hot sweet sticky wetness as she screamed. She then leaned up and clicked her heels on the side of my face. She turned to look over her shoulder at my face. She smiled when I stuck out my tongue. She then backed her ass on my face. I immediately started to lick and suck her most private area. She clamped her thick thighs on my head. She bounced her ass on my face as I licked her very hard. She dropped her right hand down to her pussy. She fingered her pussy as I ate her amazing ass. After a few minutes I felt my chin get wet. Her whole body shook as she had another orgasm on my face. She then sat back squishing her ass on my face.

After a few minutes I felt her hand touch my hard cock. She stroked my cock a few times getting him coated in her wetness. Next Mistie moved down the chair on me. She put my hard cock in her warm mouth. She was licking the side of my cock. Swirling her hot tongue down the sides. She then began to fondle my big naked balls in her small hands. She pushed her mouth down my cock. I felt her big soft lips almost at the base of my cock. She then spit out my very hard cock. She jerked it using her two small hands, licking the tip with her tongue. She did this for a few minutes before she climbed off me onto the floor.

She turned to look at me. She lowered the dental chair down so I was just under her hips. She smiled as she walked up and down my left side. She slide her long finger nails down my skin. She reached on the counter behind my head. She then smiled as she had two large black clothes pins in her right hand. She had a big ball of white cotton in her free hand. She spit on it and shoved it in my mouth. I was now gagging again. She licked her lips. She then spit on each one of my erect nipples. She tugged on them next causing waves of excitement down my spine. She then clamped on the clothes pins on the end of my nipples. She looked at my eyes spin in my head. She then wiped away the tear on the side of my face. The clothes pins were tight on my nipples. She licked her fingers to tug on my exposed nipple again.

Next I felt her nails go down my hips. She dragged them over my tight abs. She scratched them with her long nails make my skin all red. She gave me a big wink as she jerked my still hard cock with her right hand. "Ummmm....Still hard as a rock baby." she moaned. She leaned down to grab something out of her big black leather purse. I froze as she pulled out a big silver cock ring. She clamped it on the base of my cock. She then clamped on a big leather harness around my balls. She looked at me all tied up and gagged. "Time I milk that big cock of yours. Scream when your close but not before. I want to catch it in my mouth. Don't cum to early Buck!!!" she teased.

I watched as she put her hands on my thighs. She was facing the door to the office. She looked between her juicy legs to see my face. She then lowered her wet pussy on my cock. She was moving her head back and forth. Whipping her hair on her back. She screamed when she got all my hard cock in her tight pussy. She had more of my cock than before. I bite down on the cotton in my mouth. She pulled her pussy the length of my cock. She then sat back down. She did this over and over as she fucked me harder. Finally she was fucking me like a jack hammer. I could feel my cock expanding from her hot pussy. I was close. My balls ached. My knees shook. She looked over her shoulder at my face. I blinked my eyes and screamed loud. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!MMMmmmmmmistttttieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!"

She quickly dismounted my hard cock. She turned to put her breast around my wet cock. She then used her warm cleavage to fuck my cock. After a minute, I screamed again. She then open her mouth. My cock started to exploded. Shot after shot of hot white goo exited my cock into her waiting mouth. She stuck out her tongue. She let some fall on the dental chair. Almost all went down the back of her throat. I watched as she then dropped her mouth to clean off my cock. She then licked her big nipples and scoped up some off the dental chair. She licked her fingers clean.

Mistie than walked over to the counter. She grabbed my chart and walked back to the chair. She looked down at me. I was covered in her juices. She put her left index finger in her pussy. She fingered her pussy for a few minutes. She then put her wet fingers under my nose. She pulled out the wet cotton in my mouth. She then put her fingers back in her pussy. She then put her wet fingers in my mouth. I licked them clean as she look at my cock.

"I have bad news Mr. Kelly." she said. "What?? is it" I said by mistake. "Oh that is not good. Did I say it was OK to speak? You've been a naughty boy. Naughty boys need to be punished. I was going to say your appointment is over. Your teeth look great. But I am afraid your health insurance doesn't cover today procedure. Your going to have to come back next week to make payments. Just for talking your going to eat my pussy until I cum again. Then when your done eating my pussy. Turn your head to spit. I give the best oral rinse. Now shut up and next time you speak. Call me Dental Assistant Mistie. God your cock never gets limp. Take two of those blue pills in your car before you come in the office next week." she smiled. She then climbed on.


Lady GaGa Nipple Slip Shows More Than Expected


A braless Lady GaGa was seen wearing a low cut dress that reveals more than expected. Or did she plan this? I don't really know but it is the latest Lady Gaga nipple slip in a long line of nip slip, keep the penis jokes to yourself. I wish she would keep her awful hangers to herself but this is your lucky day if deflated saggy titties is your thing. Anyway, even though she is one of the most repulsive female (reportedly, she could be a dude) in my opinion, for some unknown reason people are really into posts about her wardrobe malfunctions. I am guessing these wardrobe malfunctions are meant to draw attention away from her butt ugly face. They are not working... Click on pictures to enlarge.




Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (born March 28, 1986 in Yonkers, New York, United States), who performs under the stage name Lady Gaga, is an American singer, songwriter and musician. She began her career as a songwriter for established artists, including Fergie, Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears and New Kids on the Block, as well as American singer and producer Akon. After Akon recognized that Gaga also had vocal talent, he signed her to a joint deal with his own label, Kon Live Distribution, and then she started to work on her own new material for her debut album.

Gaga released her debut album The Fame in 2008, which she explained was "about how anyone can feel famous". To date, the album has spawned the international number one hit singles "Just Dance" (nominated for Best Dance Recording at the 51st Grammy Awards) and "Poker Face". Gaga has been influenced by glam rockers such as David Bowie and Queen.